The Electric Communication Company based in Melbourne Australia develops new media, web applications and video productions.  These guys can make your message standout.

MailCaster is a new service which creates and dispatches content rich email.

In recent years email has become the essential business to business communications tool.

As specialists in managed e-mail delivery and reporting, MailCaster offers all of the features and technological advancements of communication over the Internet without the effort. Our advanced e-mail delivery, collection and tracking service is designed for high-volume mailcast of newsletters, promotions, invitations, confirmations or statements. We
can manage all inbound replies, removal requests and bad addresses. Our delivery reports are available on demand.

When you need to make an impression, why send ordinary text emails to your valuable clients? We can work with you to create and send emails, invites and newsletters which speak directly to your client through high impact graphics, quality text, live URL's and even animation.

We are the only company in Australia offering this leading edge communications technique. Our custom software and valued added email design service can give you the edge in the electronic communication revolution.


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See dynamic samples page for the latest examples

"Art That Moves" is an elegant teaser which has a great appeal with the Australian Ballet's target audience. Art That Moves


Stand out

You have information, a product, event or idea which you want to people to know about. You need it to have impact. MailCaster emails present your information in a way which grabs the attention of the recipient.

look Good

In the world of competitive business, your information and ideas need to be presented in the best light. Sending clients plain text emails to promote isn't always good business. There is a better way.


Sending an email is just the start of an information or promotional campaign. We offer you the ability to link your email to your company's website, and a host of other on-line functions.


A MailCaster mail-out has got to be one of the most ecologically sound ways to communicate en masse.


Everybody knows that an email is almost instant, but did you know that MailCaster can turn around most requests in 24 hours. This means we meet your deadlines and always deliver on time.

Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of printing, handling and mailing a brochure or invite, an electronic version is always going to be better value. But the buck shouldn't stop there. We'll give you give you more bang for your buck, with advice on designing emails that grab attention and get results.

Premier Technologies Invites You to Breakfast "Premier Technologies Invites you to breakfast". Another successful MailCast.
Consortium Communications calling card. This design was developed for Consortium Communications as a means of self promotion. It has been reused several times with changes made only to the body copy. Consortium Communications

Technically Speaking

As you are aware content rich emails are developed/constructed using HTML, computer language used as the building blocks for the www.

There was a time when the only place HTML could be viewed was via your web browser. Now you are able to receive and view web page styled emails complete with graphics and animation in your in-box. Without opening attachments or being redirected to a web site address.

Constructing an HTML email is still a specialised task. The margin for error is very small and without the latest expertise the potential of sending an email which is un-readable arrival is high.

The Electric Communication Company has developed advanced techniques for constructing and sending HTML within an email. So using the MailCaster service gives you peace of mind that yourmessage has been received.

The Electic Communication Company is at the cutting edge of email technology and is the only company able to develop your ideas and deliver your message to make maximum impact.





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